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Post  Professor_Oaks on Mon Mar 14, 2011 1:48 am

Professor_Oaks will sell any legendary that was offered as a prize in a tournament.
This is mainly for people who cant participate in the tournaments or don't like to.

Below is a list of Professor_Oaks inventory and prices.

Porygon 10k
Aerodactyl 20k
Dratini 100k
Larvitar 100k
Entei 200k
Raikou 200k
Suicune 200k
Calebi 300k
Mew 300k
MewTwo 300k
Lugia 300k
Ho-Ho 300k

[Note] More to come!
Legendary pokemon are added to this list when they are given away as a tournament prize.

To use this service simply contact Professor_Oaks or Smithlite86 in game or use the legendary store service request forum if your a registered member to purchase legendary pokemon.(Link Below)


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