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Professor_Oaks Move Service [Updated July 27th] Empty Professor_Oaks Move Service [Updated July 27th]

Post  Professor_Oaks on Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:29 pm

[Move Service]
Professor_Oaks can teach your Pokemon certain moves that are not accessible otherwise.

[The Requirements]
8 Badges , Level 30 Pokemon.
The Pokemon must be able to learn the move by leveling or by TM.
Egg moves will not be taught.

To see what moves your Pokemon can learn please use this link. (Link Below)

To purchase moves simply contact Professor_Oaks or Smithlite86 in game or use the move request forum if your a registered member.(Link Below)

This is a list of moves that passed the initial tests and will be added.
Aerial_Ace 5k
Aeroblast 20k
Air_Cutter 10k
Agility 10k
Ancient_Power 5k
Beat_Up 15k
Belly_Drum 5k
Blizzard 10k
Body_Slam 10k
Bounce 10k
Calm_Mind 10k
Clamp 5k
Crab_Hammer 10k
Cross_Chop 15k
Crunch 5k
Dizzy_Punch 10k
Double_edge 15k
Dragon_Claw 10k
Dragon_Rage 5k
Drill_Peck 5k
Dynamicpunch 10k
Earthquake 10k
Endeavor 10k
Explosion 15k
Extremespeed 10k
Featherdance 5k
Fireblast 10k
Fissure 15k
Flamethrower 5k
Flame_Wheel 5k
Giga_Drain 5k
Grudge 10K
Hidden_Power 5k
Horn_Drill 15k
Hydro_Pump 15k
Icebeam 5k
Iron_Tail 5k
Light_Screen 5k
Lock_on 5k
Megahorn 15k
Mega_Kick 10k
Mega_Punch 10k
Metal_Claw 5k
Meteor_Mash 10k
Mind Reader 5k
Mirror_Coat 10K
Mirror_Move 10K
Memento 10K
Moonlight 5K
Morning_Sun 5K
Overheat 15k
Petal_Dance 20k
Pin_Missile 5K
Psychic 5k
Psych Up 5k
Rain_Dance 5k
Rapid_Spin 5k
Recover 10k
Rest 10k
Reversal 5k
Rock_Slide 5k
Rollout 5k
Sacred_Fire 20k
Safeguard 15k
Sandstorm 5k
Selfdestruct 10k
Shadowball 5k
Sheer_Cold 15k
Skull_Bash 10k
Slash 15k
Sleep_Powder 5k
Sludge_Bomb 5k
Spider_Web 5k
Steel_Wing 5k
Sunny Day 5k
Swift 5k
Swords_Dance 10k
Thunderbolt 5k
Thunder 10k
Tri_Attack 5k
Waterfall 5K
Wing_Attack 5k
Zap_Cannon 15k

(More will be added)


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