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EV Training Guide Contest Empty EV Training Guide Contest

Post  Professor_Oaks on Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:43 am

Whoever who can make the best EV training guide for Citrine will win 100k.

The winner is Bomber12, his EV training guide will be posted for future use.

I will chose the winner based on the following criteria.

3.Overall Usefulness.

Must include which pokemon give which stats and where the best places are to get them.
Must include a basic review of how the EV system works.

The winner will be chosen March 31st and the winners guide will be posted as a sticky to help other players.

Post your guide below.

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EV Training Guide Contest Empty Re: EV Training Guide Contest

Post  Genestealers on Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:49 am

Ev training guide.
Chapter 1 – what is ev training?
Chapter 2 – how does ev training work?
Chapter 3 – what pokemons are used for which stat?
Chapter 4 – which pokemons are the easiest to ev train on?
Chapter 5 – where can i find which pokemon?
Chapter 6 – advice for ev-training

Chapter 1 – what is ev training?
Ev training is a very important part of training a pokemon, ev training means a pokemon gets stronger in a special area an example: you train your jolteon against magikarps and kill 255 magikarps then your jolteon will be a lot faster then it`s normal base stat. EV stands for effort value that means that your getting rewarded for the effort u need to put in defeating a certain pokemon.

Chapter 2 – how does ev training work?

Your getting ev points from a pokemon depending on which stat is dominant by that pokemon, if u trained a zubat or a golbat u know its faster then most pokemons so its speed is the dominant stat. the maximum ev points u can give to a pokemon is 510 and is 255 a stat so u can kill 510 magikarps for a lot of speed but the count for speed stops when u have 255 ev points on it. Ofcourse everybody can make a mistake ev training this doesn’t matter as much as you would think because at the markt at vermillion you can buy berry’s and vitamins that lower 1 stat with 10 ev points and increase 1 stat with 10 points so vitamins and berry`s are easy for correcting mistakes.

Chapter 3 – what pokemons are used for which stat?
Ofcourse for every stat there are other pokemons used so here will come a list for every stat wich pokemon are used before the pokemon names there is a number this number means the number of ev points u get for defeating the pokemon it`s a list with kanto pokemon only because u wont find any wild johto pokemons.
[1]nidoran (f)

[1]nidoran (m)

[3] golem


Special attack:

Special defence:
[2]mr mime

Chapter 4 – which pokemons are the easiest to ev train on?
Every stat has his pokemons but there are common pokemons and a little rarer pokemons so here`s a list with the pokemons that are the easiest to find for each stat.
Nidoran (f)




Special attack:

Special defence:
There aren`t any really common pokemons for special defence

Chapter 5 – where can i find which pokemon?
I will only put down where to find the pokemons that are easy to find because that’s the information most people want and I the weakest level pokemon are listed here because its easier to ev train and don’t level to much.
Caterpie = route 101 pewter
Nidoran (f) = route 112 vermillion
Grimer = route 112 vermillion
Kangaskhan = route 136 vridian
Ditto = route 136 viridian
Beedrill = route 136 viridian
Nidoran(m) = route 112 vermillion
Mankey = route route 128
Machop = route route 128
Bellsprout = route 112 vermillion
Metapod = route 101 pewter
Kakuna = route 101 pewter
Geodude = route 101 cave pewter
Weedle = route 101 pewter
Pidgey = route 101 pewter
Spearow = route 101 pewter
Rattata = route 101 pewter
Poliwag = route 104 water pewter
Magikarp = route 104 water pewter
Oddish = route 109 cerulean
Psyduck = route 124 vermillion boat
Golduck = route 124 vermillion boat
Magnemite = route 124 vermillion boat
Magneton = route 124 vermillion boat

Chapter 6 – advice for ev-training
Here I am going to give advice about every stat which pokemon is easiest to kill for that stat.
Hp: nidorans (f) and ditto`s because they appear a lot and so are easy to find and u can ev-train on them in less time then the other pokemons
Attack: machops and mankeys because there really easy to find at the same place and there are some higher attack pokemons there to so it`s just a good spot
Defence: geodude because it’s a really common pokemon in a cave
Speed: magikarps because there the only pokemons u can find on route 101 in the water if u go a little to far in the water u can also encounter poliwags so that doesn’t matter either
Special attack: psyducks golducks magnemites magnetons because there all on the same place so its hard to not encounter one of them.

well now u know everything u need to know about ev training so i wish you good luck and lets hope we can battle sometimes




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EV Training Guide Contest Empty EV Training

Post  Bomber12 on Tue Mar 15, 2011 5:43 am

Chapter 1-Introduction
Chapter 2-How does it work?
Chapter 3-How do you ev train?
Chapter 4-What pokemon give what evs
Chapter 5-Berries and vitamins

Chapter 1 Introduction

First let me introduce myself, my name is Bomber12 you might see me hanging around in pokemon citrine either hard at work or just lazying around doing nothing. I played pokemon for around 3 years now and I hope to pass my knowledge onto the readers of this page, if you don't understand anything then please feel free to pm through the forum or in game.

Please note that I will try my best to help whatever situation you are in but I may be busy at the time so I may not help right away

Anyways to put simply ev(effort value) training helps pokemon gain a higher stat in a particular stat(Hp,attack,defense,special attack,special defense and speed) than say a pokemon you used in your team to beat the gyms. This is because all pokemon you battle(and win) gives out a certain ev which influences the stat gains when leveled up. So say i have a starmie, obviously I would want it to be fast and hit hard so I would want its speed and special attack to be as high as possible, in order to do this i would go through ev training. By fighting certain pokemon that gives certain evs you will get higher stats in that section. YOU CAN ONLY HAVE A MAXIMUM OF 510 EVS!!

Confused? Not surprised but once you get the basics of it, then it's pretty much straightforward from there so reread this or pm me what you don't undertsand about it.

Chapter 2 How does it work?

Right the complex part now, it works like this; one stat can have a maximum of 255evs so say if I want my starmie to be the fastest it can be I would fight pokemon that gives speed evs so I would fight say 255 magikarps(as they give 1 speed ev point).

Now why 255 evs? Well technically 252 evs would max a stat out but 255 is just the same, anyways for every 4 point of evs it increases that certain stat by one so my starmie defeated 4 magikarps that means its stat in speed should increase by 1. So a bit of maths and you'll get that if you divide 252 by 4 you get 63 which is the difference in a level 100 pokemon with full 252 evs in one stat than the same pokemon with no evs in that same stat.

Still with me?

But since 255 can't be divied by 4 those extra 3 evs are wasted so you might as well only put them in another stat as it won't get any higher. Remeber you have a total of 510 evs so you can also maximise another stat as 252+252=504 which is not exceeding you 510 ev limit.
The remaining 6 evs can be put into something else, something that hasn't been maximied with the 252 evs so you can choose where they go.

Chapter 3 How do you ev train

Right as you know from my magikarp example after you defeated it you gain 1 speed ev. The evs for which pokemon gives what ev differs for each one so don't assume that its always speed. Some pokemon can also give more than 1 point of an ev or even multiples ones so battling a golduck will get you 2 special attack ev instead of 1 or battling an seadra will give you 1 point in speed and 1 point in special attack.

So what you must do is find pokemon of a specific ev point and make them faint until you have the amount you were aiming for. It doesn't have to be 252 evs in one stat it can be 128 in defense and 128 in special defense and 252 in hp.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember the amount of evs you have for your pokemon so I would suggest typing it in a word document how many evs you got as your finding them to help reduce error in your ev count. Remeber to not exceed 510 evs otherwise you won't be able to go change it back (unless you have a lot of money).

It's best for you to plan out what evs you want for a pokemon so you know what you'll be aiming for.

Chapter 4 What pokemon give what evs

Heres a website i used to check what pokemon gives what evs.
Just click the tab for which evs you're looking for.

Now here are my suggestions for which places you should train for which ev.


In route 101 in between newbark and pewter, there is the caterpie, gives 1 hp ev and pretty easy to take out, he can be hard to find but he'll pop up.

In route 112, in between cerulean and vermillian not mt moon the grass, there is the nidoran f and grimer. They appear much more frequently than caterpie but are at a higher level so more pps are wasted trying to take them out


Paras, gives out 1 attack ev, quite frequent when how much it apears and easy to take out.
Route 104 cave which you must fight a boy who has weedle kakuna and beedrill to pass throguh afetr pewter city.

Route 112 in between cerulean and vermillian not mt moon the grass
nidoran m, gives 1 point in attack ev and about as easy to take out as nidoran f

Route 117 the route you take to celadon city.
Scyther, mankey, bellsprout and pinsir.
Scyther gives out 1 attack ev and 1 speed ev mankey and bellsprout just gives 1 while pinsir give 2.
All these pokemon are very frequent so route 117 so is a good place to train in attack but they are harder to take out.

Route 101, metapod and kakuna, seriously these guys are great in ev training in defense they each give 2 defense evs plus they are low leveled and best of all they only know harden so you can pound them as much as you want. Apears quite often.

Route 104, geodude easy to faint with water or grass type attack only gives 1 defense evs though, about the same rate of encounter as paras.

Special attack
Now heres the one you'll probably have the most difficluty with as most of these pokemon takes up a lot of time to find.
Route 112, oddish can be a menace to find and only gives 1 special attack ev can be a pain if your training a water type in special attack

route 124 in the water on the way to fuscia city
Horsea can also be a pain to find as well, gives 1 special attack ev and faint easily

Route 128, in between fuscia city and saffron city in the water
The best place to train for special attack ev as there are a few good ones.
seadra gives 1 special attack and 1 speed ev and golduck gives 2 speed evs, both are quite easy to faint with a good strong move

Special defense
Possibly the 2nd hardest to train in
Route 109 and 112
Venonat, appears as much as oddish and can be harder to make it faint due to the move disable, gives 1 sp def ev.

Route 124 in the water
Tentacool, appears as much as horsea but harder to faint, gives 1 sp def ev

Route 132 in between saffron and cinnbar, in the water
Seel, tentacool, tentacruel and dewgong
Seel gives 1 sp def as with the same as tentacool
Tentacruel and dewgong both give 2 sp def evs
All are quite hard to faint as they are high leveled

Alright here it is the easiest ev to train
Route 101 in the water near pewter city
Magikarp. Yes that thing has a use after all, gives 1 speed ev and really at like level 2 it can do anything to you so yea there ya go.

Chapter 5 Berries and Vitamins

Alright you with me so far? If you understand all of this give yourself a pat on your back.

There ya go anyways berries and vitamins, berries decrease evs while vitamins increase evs for a particular stat. They each increase/decrease evs by 10, they are found in vermillian city inside the big mart, 3rd floor. So why use berries? Well sometimes you might make a mistake during ev training and you don't like your final product so you use berries to decrease a stat while at the same time you can use vitamins to increase a stat. Useful isn't it except they cost a lot of money(10000 money per 1)

Well heres a list of what vitamins/berries do

  • HP increase hp (durr)
    Carbos increase speed
    Calcium increase special attack
    Iron increase defense
    Zinc increase special defense
    Protein increase attack

  • Pomeg decrease HP
    Kelpsy decrease attack
    Qualot decrease defense
    Hondew decrease special attack
    Grepa decrease special defense
    Tamato decrease speed

Closing words
If you don't understand a particular part of this guide please feel free to pm me through the forum

Signing out


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EV Training Guide Contest Empty EV TRAINING

Post  SLAYER T on Fri Apr 01, 2011 7:52 am

Chapter 1 Introduction (Getting started/planning ivs)
Chapter 2 Breeding beneficial Natures and IVs
Chapter 3 Routes and Pokemon
Chapter 4 Berries and Vitamins
Chapter 5 Conclusion

Chapter 1 Introduction (getting started)

Each pokemon has six stats-hp, attack, defense, speed, special attack and special defense. Effort Values(evs) are like points- each time you battle a wild pokemon or an in-game trainers pokemon it will increase your stats ev count by a certain amount of points, for example, beating a wild alakazam will increase your special attack evs by 3. For every 4 Evs you earn, the actual stat value raises by 1.

Each stat can have a maximum of 255 Evs. So that means if you were to fight alakazam 100 times youl only have 255 Evs instead of 300 (100x3).

However, A pokemon can only hold a a maxumum of 510 Evs. That is the sum of the Evs for hp,attack,speed, special attack, and special defense which must not exceed 510, therefore it is possible to max out two of a pokemon’s stats. Careful planning means that you can have 252 for one, 252 for another and 6 in another, meaning you max out two stats, and increase the last by 1. Although sometimes maxing out stats isnt the way to go and you would like to balance the stats. You can train your pokemon however you desire whether you spend 64 evs in each stat or 128.

Planning your Evs

Take a alakazam which knows the moves Teleport, Confusion, Psychic and Recover, for instance. As you can see this Alakazam is used as a Special Sweeper, with all its attacking moves being Special moves. As such, it would be pointless to gain EVs in Attack to raise its Attack stat, since Alakazam has no Physical moves to use. Instead, you should probably choose to pump EVs into Special Attack and Speed, since those help it do damage to the foe before it can damage you.

Lets take snorlax for example. you would be wasting your time training speed. Its speed is at a low base of 30 and generally means most of the time you will be going second. With snorlax your best bet is to focus on attack, special defense, and hp.

It is essential to look at the base stats of your pokemon which can be found in your pokedex or online whether you use serebi, bulbapedia or psypoke. The have pokexes in which you can look at base stats and analyse which is the best way to go when eving your desired pokemon

Chapter 2 Breeding, Beneficial natures and IVS

When breeding you are given a pokemon with a nature and a rating on iv for your best stat, which technically is your secondary most effective stat with your nature reaping the most benefits.
This is actually very important and is always the first step to creating a successful pokemon. Here is a list of natures

+Beneficial -Hindering =Balanced

Adamant +attack - sp attack
Bashful =
Bold= +defense - attack
Brave= + attack - speed
Calm +sp defense - attack
Careful + sp defense - sp attack
Docile =
Gentle + sp defense - defense
Hardy =
Impish + defense - Sp attack
Jolly +speed - Sp attack
Lax +defense - sp defense
Lonely +attack - defense
Mild +sp attack - defense
Modest +sp attack - attack
Naïve + speed -sp defense
Naughty + Attack -sp defense
Quiet + sp attack - speed
Quirky =
Rash +sp attack -sp defense
Relaxed + defense - speed
Sassy +sp defense - speed
Serious =
Timid +speed -attack

Ability (Most to least)

Now it is preferred to train pokemon with the best ability you can get. this determines how healthy the pokemon will be each level up as well as the final product. Shiny's tend to have about 10 more stat points than normal which comes in handy however they are usually very difficult to breed. So in most cases and speaking from experience getting quite impressive ability usually do the trick. When breeding it is good to make the couple like eachother alot that means you get alot more eggs in a quicker amount of time which is always helpful.

1.Wonderfully Outstanding Ability (Shiny)
2.Wonderfully Outstanding Ability
3.Quite Impressive in Ability
4.Having Better than Average Ability
5.Average Ability

These ratings below determine how much Ivs you will have in a stat. Bob will tell you which Ivs your pokemon is tapping into more frequently each level. Notice that this is different from nature in that it is on the ivs alone and not nature. If its nature vs. Ivs and it is the same pokemon with maxed out stats the nature will be slightly more powerful. So in hint you should try to breed pokemon with common IVs and nature that you would want on the final product. If you can control this which can be done through practice you can get the IVs and nature you want to make your pokemon a dangerous force only if you properly train it. Below is a list of ratings that Bob will rate your Iv that stands out the most.

1.Flawless a thing of Perfection
2.Stat is Outstanding
3.Stat is Quite Impressive
4.Stat is Very Good
5.Stat is Relatively Good[/center]

Chapter 3 Helpful Routes and Pokemon

There is no wrong way to ev train your pokemon just make sure you are killing the right type of pokemon or you will be sorry with your final product. Below is a list of pokemon in routes that i find to be the quickest and slowest way while ev training. These are all of the sites i focus on when ev training.
Fast Route Guide

Pewter Town Water (Speed) usually the easiest to ev train.

Route 112 (Hp)

Route 117 (Attack)

Route 124 (Variety Route)

(Sp Attack)
horsea (in water)

slowpoke(in water)

Parasect(in cave)

Shelder (in water)

Staryu (in water)
Zubat (in cave)
Golbat(in cave)

(sp defense)
Tentacool ( in water)

Route 125 Cave left of Fusia (Defense)

Route 128 water (Special Attack)

Route 128 land (speed)x (attack)

Route 132 (Special Defense) Switch method recommended

Route 136 (Wrap it up Route) Switch method recommended
in this route i prefer to train when you are either complete or close on the way, sometimes training sp attack and sp defense are good to train here by switch method or direct.
(Sp Attack)
(Sp Defense)
Mr Mime


(sp defense)


To take a slow more in depth approach these are the pokemon u can kill at their lowest levels
Slow Route Guide
Magikarp lv 2- speed (pewter water)
Oddish lv 7-sp attack (Route 109)
Paras lv 3-attack (Route 101)
Caterpie lv 2-hp (route 101)
Kakuna/Metapod lv 3- defense (Route 101)
Venonat lv 7-sp defense (Route 109)

Chapter 4 Berries and Vitamins

This is helpful in Pokemon Citrine whenever you feel you have too much or too little of a stat. Remember once you have used up all 510 evs or you have reached lvl 30 (100%) this is the only way to alter your pokemon's IVs. You can find these items in top floor in Vermilion

Pomeg Berry-Lowers Hp by EVs by 10 points
Kelpsy Berry- Lowers Attack EVs by 10 points
Qualot Berry-Lowers Defense EVs by 10 points
Tamato Berry-Lowers Speed EVs by 10 points
Hondew Berry- Lowers Special EVs Attack by 10 points=\
Grepa Berry- Lowers special defense Evs by 10 points


Hp Up increase hp evs by 10 points
Protein increase attack evs by 10 points
Iron increases defense evs by 10 points
Carbos increases speed evs by 10 points
Calcium increase sp attack evs by 10 points
Zinc increases sp defense evs by 10

Chapter 5 Conclusion
This is my guide on how to be an effective trainer in this game knowing complete knowledge on ev training. If you have any questions pm during a session or email me through this website. My name is SLAYER T one of the Moderators in this game here to try and help make this a more competitive and fun environment...Deuces....



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EV Training Guide Contest Empty Re: EV Training Guide Contest

Post  Genestealers on Fri Apr 01, 2011 8:18 pm

who has won??

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EV Training Guide Contest Empty Re: EV Training Guide Contest

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